Sunday Morning Link Brunch: 2/15/2015


Russian oligarchs are buying up luxury apartments in New York City.

Speaking of Russia, to understand the country’s history, you have to go back further than their Soviet past. It’s also helpful to understand what the word “smuta” means.

BBC Witness podcast on the first McDonald’s to open in Moscow after the collapse of the USSR.

BBC Documentaries podcast on digitizing Stalin’s personal papers.

More links after the jump.

Read what the New York Times first (I believe this is the first article) wrote about Hitler in 1922. It’s a pretty amazing read.

Why social insurance is a necessary part of capitalism. If we can’t think beyond the system of capitalism, then I agree with this as a first step toward something hopefully better.

Mapping the lynchings that occurred in the American south from 1877-1950. This project is a great way to help people understand the sheer historical magnitude of these crimes and just how terrifying it must have been to be black and live in the south.

Dresden’s firebombing haunts rebuilt German city. Do Dresden’s citizens see themselves as victims of the WWII? And is that a big part of why Pegida is so big there?

Here is also a brief BBC Witness podcast on the firebombing of Dresden.

Did you know the German word for “debt” also doubles as the word for “guilt?” Taking a look inside the German’s debt psyche. I’m a little iffy on this article. I think it’s interesting to know what German’s think about debt, but I think this paints Germany as bastion of savings and perfectly run capitalism. I know German capitalism is much different from American capitalism, but I would be interested to hear how neoliberalism has affected German capitalism and whether they have any debt bubbles that are on the rise.

What would Machiavelli say about the Balkans today? Essentially, the same thing as all the other corrupt politicians and oligarchs running the country.

What should we teach our kids about God?

Battling anxiety can be exhausting and society is always trying to rid people of it. But worry is an important part of being a moral person.

Do you worry about language getting less eloquent and expressive with each passing generation? You’re not the only one. Ever since humans began speaking, we have had the same anxiety. But grammar is never constant– only change and the worry about it are.


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