Sunday Morning Link Brunch: 3/1/2015


Ethical consumption is seductive but dangerous to the values ethical consumers seek to promote. This article reminded me of this Slavoj Žižek video. 

The British government will now discipline unemployed 18-21 year olds. Neoliberalism at it’s finest.

More evidence that demonstrates that the rich own American “democracy.”

A nice, basic explainer of how US corporations engage in billions of dollars worth of tax evasion each year.

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The term “human capital” is terribly wrong and misleading. Here’s why.

Greek’s new finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, wrote an excellent essay on how he became an “erratic marxist.” I’m not sure I necessarily agree with everything he has to say, but I agree with most of it. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s an excellent read either.

Yanis Varoufakis is trying to relate to Germany by invoking Immanuel Kant as his inspiration, but he’s clearly more of a Marxist.

Balkan Insight interviewed family members of convicted war criminals to find out how accusations of crimes committed by their fathers affected their lives. Some may feel that this takes away from the victims and their families, but it is still a very interesting topic, nonetheless.

Sticking with the Balkans, here is a disturbing piece on the lack of media freedom in Bosnia.

As it turns out, unemployment can cause basic changes in an individual’s personality. There should really be more talk about the precarious effects of neoliberal capitalism on a person’s mental health.

Also, student loan debt can have very negative effects on a person’s mental health. Shocking, I know.

On a related note: Here’s a piece on the morality of debt.

Debt seems to be a popular topic lately. And rightfully so.

Why Ernesto Laclau is the inspiration for a global left populist movement.

Back in the 1960s, protest songs were everywhere. Nowadays, they are few and far between. That brings up a good question: Where have all the protest songs gone?

Matt Stoller put out a great Twitter rant on how the global world order works. The Storify version is a must read.

I’ll admit I have a limited understanding of Hegel, so this brief podcast on him was very helpful.

Martin Heidegger’s unpublished Black Notebooks continue to give us insight into his anti-semitic beliefs. His opinion on the holocaust was apparently that the “Jews self-destructed.” Yeah, about that…

Finally, last weekend was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. Here are a couple related links:

Malcolm X on liberty, by any means necessary.

Malcolm X was gunned down just as he was beginning to “think for himself.”


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